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Cacao Circle
at Chicago Plants
2321 W North Ave
Sunday April 28
with Emily & Anna

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Navigate Spring with clarity and connection

The morning begins by sitting in a circle of community enjoying ceremonial grade cacao, ethically sourced from Guatemala. Anna prepares and shares the cacao with love, honor and respect for the healing indigenous practice. Emily will guide pranayama, breathing practices, and a gentle yoga practice, amplifying the effects of the cacao.

The workshop ends with reflecting on journaling prompts that bring our wellness goals for the season to light. We emphasize the power of positive, comfortable routines based in self care, healthy boundaries and rest. The full "Pink" moon is said to represent renewal, growth and a time to focus on cultivating positive change. We will also enjoy a tasty gluten-free snack made by Anna to end the workshop on a sweet note.

Please bring your yoga mat, a journal and your own mug.

Sliding Scale Pricing
10 spots available








HELPER (2 spots)
In exchange for a discount, the helper will arrive early for set up or stay after for clean up. Choose the reduced rate & use code CACAO at checkout


cacao has grounding yet mood boosting effects and can lead to feelings of creativity and love.
If you have a chronic condition such as high or low blood pressure or are on mood stabilizing medication, it is best to enjoy small 8oz amounts to start. 

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Anna Jackson

 is an Integrative Health Coach. She serves her clients through one on one health mentorships and hosts intimate yoga retreats throughout the year. Anna is a self taught creative cook who loves inspiring others to explore local seasonal food. She hosts creative cooking courses on zoom to help you connect more with your kitchen. She also teaches specialty classes periodically throughout the year. She has an expertise in womans hormonal health and gut health.

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