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Donation Based Instagram Live Yoga

Instagram @verdantvirtualwellness

For the month of December, we are offering short group classes via Instagram Live.

You need an instagram account to view, but it is very easy to create one and accessing the classes are quick and simple. The weekly schedule will rotate and practices will be available for viewing for the entire month of December. These classes are sliding scale, donation based, honors system with a suggested $1-5 payment per practice.

Venmo @verdantplace with a note on which practice(s) you enjoyed.

This will also help us create a January schedule! We would also greatly appreciate if you share your favorite practices in your story for others to try!

We hope you enjoy taking these little "yoga breaks" and can find some moments of stillness during the busy, stressful holiday season. We strongly believe that practicing yoga "briefly yet frequently" is a great way to get into the habit of incorporating it into to your daily life and self care routine.

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