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Restorative Sound Bath
at Chica
go Plants

Thursday June 13th

with Emily Rezetko and Nicole Chandler Eng

Lunar New Year Sound Bath (3).jpg

Melt into supported yoga poses while enjoying the transformative frequencies of crystal bowls.

Emily will guide a gentle restorative yoga sequence to unwind from the week. Expect seated, kneeling (optional) and lying down postures using blocks and blankets for extra comfort. This practice is appropriate for all practitioners, though pregnant people may want to bring extra support pillows. We can also offer seated options in a chair for those with difficulty getting down on the ground. We will gradually increase the length of held poses while Nicole offers Reiki-infused sound therapy. Attendees are serenaded by the gentle resonance of crystal singing bowls. The frequencies and vibrations, combined with the healing power of Reiki, converge with the body's energy to bring balance and harmony for overall well-being.

Benefits of Sound Therapy:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved focus and productivity

  • Enhanced creativity and inspiration

  • Renewed sense of balance and harmony

Sliding Scale Pricing
10 spots available








HELPER (2 spots)
In exchange for a discount,
the helper will arrive early for set up or stay after for clean up. Choose the reduced rate & use code SOUND at checkout

Nicole Chandler Eng

is the owner of Westerly Wellbeing and Chicago-based holistic healer with a rich background as a certified sound healer, ritual and ceremony facilitator, Reiki practitioner, mindful and trauma-informed meditation guide, and breathwork coach. Through a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices, Westerly Wellbeing empowers individuals to embark on a transformative journey rekindling a connection to inner wisdom and community energy through mindful practices and rituals that cultivate profound well-being. Learn more about Westerly Wellbeing and her offerings at and follow her on Instagram @westerlywellbeing for tips on mindfulness and to see upcoming events.

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