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Blissful Blooms Workshop

floral design & yoga therapy with Emily

2 sessions on Sunday May 5th
9:30-11a & 6:30-8p
Chicago Plants
2321 W North Ave 

Combine the meditative powers of yoga and flowers.

Guests will choose their flowers from a curated bloom bar and we will go stem by stem, processing the leaves and petals just like a florist!

This repetitive action with a natural medium is grounding, connecting us with the earth and our senses.

 After creating a unique ~10-stem arrangement, we will move through

a heart-felt yoga therapy practice with our blooms serving as a focal point for blissful meditation.

This experience may be helpful for those with anxiety, depression and PTSD

*new students should arrive early to fill out an intake form

We are not able to provide a refund if you need to cancel last minute

Sliding Scale Pricing
10 spots available








HELPER (2 spots available for each session)
In exchange for a discount,
the helper will arrive early for set up or stay after for clean up. Choose the reduced rate & use code MORNINGBLOOM for 9:30a class or EVENINGBLOOM for 6:30p class at checkout

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